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I just bought my home about 7 months ago, when I ran into a little problem. It was early spring time, so the temperature was beginning to warm up. At first I thought nothing of it assuming I would just turn the Air Conditioning on and it would do the trick. Unfortunately, I was wrong, my air conditioning unit went out and could not be repaired for a couple of weeks. During this time me and my family suffered with the cruel Vegas Heat as the summer months were approaching. After a few days of the intolerable heat, my wife suggested that we buy a new ceiling fan for the house.

This was one of her best ideas. The old ceiling fan would work for a few minutes then seemed to fizzle out. So we went to Home Depot and searched for a new ceiling fan. We were in luck they had all types of models and the prices were so reasonable we decided to install four of them. One in our bedroom, another in our children's bedroom and the other two in down stairs. The ceiling fans were so amazing.

The Westinghouse Contempra Trio 42 inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan, features 12 inch blades that help with the circulation of air, even in the smallest rooms. This was perfect for my young children who were less than enjoying the summer rays. The steel motor provides quiet rotation, that allowed my children to sleep comfortably without being disturbed. What I really loved about this ceiling fan was its easy to install manual. All parts were included and the installation took less than 10 minutes for each fan.

With our new ceiling fans savings us a fortune on our electrical bill, my wife and I discuss our need of a Air Condition unit. We eventually decided to get it fixed, but only use it when needed.